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my achilles heart

it's so sad
when the one who loves you most
uses that against you

the same one
you shared your deepest feelings with
only to resent you

when love turned to hate
one turned to a bottle
and the other to another friend

what becomes
of the victims left to suffer
where do they belong?

their wishes fly on paper wings
only to burn in the sun

when heaven turned to hell
one broke down, emotions lost
and the other broke a heart in two

i showed you my achilles heart
i believed the trust was mutual
you know exactly how to twist
intimate to cruel

i showed you my achilles heart
i believed it would make us strong
by exposing my only weakness
i couldn’t be closer to wrong

why do you hurt me so much?
why am i name calling?
when i’m coming back
you kick me when i’m crawling

why do you hate me so much?
what did i ever do?
it couldn’t be my fault
i could never hate you
i only love you slightly less*

* after writing this i realized that it is hauntingly close to a line from
"stop me if you think you've heard this one before" by the smiths.
must have been a subconscious thing.


© Copyright 1988-2012.
Jason L. Robinson.
All rights reserved.